MKE: Week 10: A Way of Life

In the ebb and flow of the last few weeks I find myself sharing about the things we are doing and learning in MKE with others.  Its become a natural part of our new normal where we can’t help ourselves we have to share it because we are excited.  Its also really great to be saying ‘we’ on this journey I’m so thankful my husband is on board and we are creating our best life together!

I am very close to fulfilling my first DMP goal and a strong chance it’ll be early.  So, that realization kicked in a whole new level of ‘THIS IS REALLY WORKING.’  I can’t wait to share that it is complete!! I also found myself saying, ‘its working with the amount of effort I’ve put in what would of happened if I’d given more earlier in the process?’  I’m not taking away from the joy, but just really moving into a lifestyle approach and seeing that I can obtain my Definite Major Purposes in life is generating more momentum and belief, and ENTHUSIASM!!

I’ve also found myself wanting to add DMP items (I want ALL the things LOL) and have started working through those as they come up and see where they fit in the time line and grand scheme of things.  I feel like they are part of those 4 billion workers giving me new creative ideas and visions.

Something else I linked this week is the heart shield.  I am a ‘human’ nerd, meaning I love all things about the body, how it works, the multiple layers, the vast wholeness it requires to be at optimal true health.  I was reminded of the chakras this week and how powerful the heart center is.  Chakras are actual nerve bundles down the center of the body that act like computers and process different information physically and emotionally and especially energetically.  The heart field is incredibly powerful.  The heart can produce an electrical field that is a 100,000 times greater than the brain and a magnetic field of 5000 times greater.


So it emits the strongest electromagnetic field in our body.  It makes total sense when you look at the shape of the field as it envelopes the whole body extending out in all directions and up to several feet outside of the body; that it is complete protection through love.  Research also shows what the heart believes every cell in the body fights to make it happen.  What is your body telling you about your heart’s beliefs? We charge our new thoughts with positive emotion to not only send a clear picture to subconscious, but to supercharge the heart.  Life and death come from what the heart believes and what it sends to the brain.  Thoughts are only part of the equation.

‘So just as love is my weapon to open the hearts of men, love is also my shield to repulse the arrows of hate and the spears of anger.’

Our shield is powerful if fueled by love…



3 thoughts on “MKE: Week 10: A Way of Life”

  1. As a fellow nerd, I love the heart information. Saw a documentary not long ago about how the heart responds before the brain–actually signals the brain about how to respond. Your info brought that back to mind. 🙂 And out of all the shields we can choose, love really is the best.
    I love you Friend!

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