MKE: Week 12: Collective Intent

I had the privilege to participate in a group masterminding session today.  We are heading up an event together and we met to set our intents for it and what our goals are.  Once we set those we then went through a group ‘clearing’ that is we cleared the emotional blocks so that these intentions could be solid ‘new beliefs.’  I was feeling overwhelmed as the leader of the event and the mentor to these ladies, but when we met and all four of us had the same intent and we all ended with those blocks out of the way I was blown away at the community I felt.  That I wasn’t ALONE! That collectively we all want the SAME THING and we will succeed and bless a whole lot of people in our bigger community! I mean I can’t even explain the power in the unity of a group of people in harmony! Living their purposes and coming together to accomplish and align in a common heart calling.  I’ve been brought to raw emotions many times in this journey, but today it wasn’t regret or overwhelm it was JOY!  Even just recapping this I’m teary all over again.  I can’t recall many times I had tears from joy, maybe from laughing hard, but not just overflowing joy.

Can you imagine how strong our heart field is as a group in harmony?? How much greater our field of impact and influence around us? I’m a bit in awe just pondering that.  Unity keeps that compass front and center.  My balancing frequency was tied to this phrase today…

I have free will and perfect timing with a clear channel!!!

Collective intent provides an extremely clear channel! Pure power and its just beautiful! I saw myself floating down the water channels in Hawaii, nothing in my way and having fun as I hit one of those natural water slides!

The other balancing frequency was..

I am peacefully confident and still because my heart is strong.

In my sits I’ve gotten a very clear visualization of my future self leading from this place of being calm, grounded, focused, and at peace.  I see my heart literally grow and put that energy shield around me that carries me forward, but also protects me and the arrows just bounce off and hit the ground.  And I’ve gotten to the place of saying are you done yet and just looking at whoever is sending the arrows unaffected.  This time of Peace, be still is the place I am striving to live my life from. A place of knowing, peace that can’t be rocked even amidst the hardest things we encounter.  I’ve felt that supernatural peace that you can’t explain a few times in the last couple of years and now knowing I can always live from there empowers the free will to go after what I want and the things that no natural mind would say was possible, but they are already mine.

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7 thoughts on “MKE: Week 12: Collective Intent”

  1. Joyce, that is so awesome! Your posts are right on and very heartfelt. To be able to live from a place of Joy is a huge progression. We all should aspire to live from that space. I hope you can keep that light of yours shining always and in all ways!!! Believe!!!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I needed to have someone who is doing what I intend to do share their experience. I intend to start a mastermind group, and have done a lot of research on how to start one, but I have allowed myself to be intimidated by the thought of other people having way more to offer than I do. You have given me the courage to press forward with it and do it now!

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