Week 14 & 15: 2018 the year of Conquering Fears

What if fear isn’t real… What if its imagined or that we’ve taken on someone else’s fear and allowed that to shape our lives….What if its just a habit and based on what we’ve always done? What if we’ve turned our backs on ourselves for so long that we do what we’ve always done, just because its familiar.

Everyone is choosing words for the next year to inspire them or push them to expand in some way.  My 2018 inspiration is Self-Love leading me closer and closer to my True Spirit.  And in that Adventure is probably my actual word.  In my DMP under True Health I put that I wanted to hike ALL the National parks because I am SAFE and confident.  I’ve always sided with caution and believed what others spoke over me as a kid, that I was clumsy, uncoordinated, and those that should of been instilling self confidence in me told me it was ok to not be ‘out doorsy’ or athletic and the list goes on.  I believed what the people I trusted said and took it to heart.  And you know what happened I accepted that those things were just not me.  When really that’s BS, because I’ve always wanted those things: to enjoy being outside, to feel capable to experience anything I want.  The greatness in the world is calling to me even louder now that I am peeling those layers to True Self.  So my adventure to get in touch with nature and see those things only those willing to work for get to see starts in 2018!! Its time to stop being a worrier and start being a warrior! This really comes into focus with pursuing love and joy too, I was stifling opportunities to experience both!


Think about it nature doesn’t fear life or wonder what its supposed to do.  Its instinctually in-tune at all times.  Nature is like a 24/7 sit.  So I plan to tap into nature not just as a grounding calming resource, but confidence, adventure and fun!! In today’s webby Mark mentioned ‘starving the defects to death’ I really feel the more I do this and tap into what nature offers that my weeds, defects, old blue print will indeed starve to death at an accelerated rate!

Happy New Year!


5 thoughts on “Week 14 & 15: 2018 the year of Conquering Fears”

  1. isn’t this self awareness you’re having so empowering? Your journey is looking amazing. Imagine what it will look like once you start hiking.


  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog. It is so amazing what we have believed that others have told us and how it has kept us from doing so much in our lives. Keep peeling the layers your true self is right there waiting for you.


    1. Thank you! And yes I am appalled at times what I’ve believed because of others and even find it hard not to get really angry, but now I’m trying to see it as they did they best they could BUT MY BEST will be better!


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