MKE Week 8: To Infinity and Beyond

Infinite possibilities, is quickly becoming my mantra.  Why not? Seriously what is there to lose? Oh, a life I love THAT is worth realizing dreams no one else will ever understand, but make my world worthwhile.

I am finding many things starting to link together.  Tools and ideas from outside MKE are becoming very relevant and deeper as the new and fuller meaning of things that I missed before are coming back around.  It’s like the universe is saying remember this and it didn’t really mean much to you before NOW LOOK and its HUGE!! So that’s been really fun in weeks 7 & 8!! I can see the method to the madness coming together for sure and I’m even a little giddy this week, because I KNOW I am getting my desires, goals, purposes, and dreams!!  Which is a relief after all the mental work, the light is busting through.

On the mental diet I am going to be amazed WHEN I get to 7 days!! I really needed a way to track this and a friend reminded me in Dr. Carolina Leaf’s 21 Day Brain Detox that they used a bracelet to track when they complained or said something negative they had to switch wrists, so I am using that to keep track!  Really baffled at the crap coming out of my mouth and that the example I was being to my boys was just not ok.  I am a recovering cynic.  Somewhere along the way I stopped loving humanity and the universe in which I reside.  So, this focusing on love and really seeing where it was missing in a giant way has been like a thawing.  I think so often we feel we must shut down love to protect ourselves, and how beautiful that LOVE is our shield and protection.  I think the creator had a much better plan for us!  I keep seeing Bella from Twilight and her mental shield bubble of protection and the smirk she gave Jane, that said yeah, I know you can’t touch me BAM!  I feel like the clearer the path is to our new beliefs and true self the stronger that shield becomes.


I really regrouped on the whole MKMMA experience last night after finally getting to listen to week 8 webinar, believe me I won’t be missing again I fought all week to get that done!  Anyways, I could feel a shift though while listening, into the 100% in a new way.  And like I said other tools started linking, but I knew to accomplish the mental diet and really change it for good not just 7 days I needed a system to change the stimuli.  So, something else I’ve added to the process is a Daily Emotional Clearing.  So, each evening I write a dump letter to purge anything negative from the day its meant to be pretty quick this isn’t journaling.  At bedtime I go backwards through the day and write down anything at all that was negative in any way small or large.  I use essential oils for emotional support, so I apply a blend called Forgiveness and then shred that dump letter, it’s gone, it’s OVER!  Then I apply a blend called Gratitude and fill back up that newly open space in my mind and heart with a thankfulness list of equal or greater length to the dump letter.  On a frequency level negative words drag any given vibration down 12mhz and positive words only raise it 10mhz, so it takes MORE positive to replace negative it is not an even exchange.  I keep that in mind in all this purging it really takes MORE to fill back up and make new habits and new chemical responses and reactions.  I do this little process of 10-15min before I read my MKE items since those are filling back up items and I want as clean of a slate as I can have to receive them!  Those 4 billion workers, you guys they don’t sleep, really chew on that one for a minute… If you do this stuff in that last hour and visualize it all as you are drifting to sleep THAT is when those 4 billion workers get to it.  Science shows the easiest time to communicate with someone is when they are asleep LOL so you just cleared the path for all those AMAZING ideas and problem solving and visions and dreams to greet you in the morning!! I also, keep a morning journal to write down dreams and all those new ideas or clarity or whatever the morning has for me!  I have learned even if a dream is vivid I’ll lose it as the day goes on if I don’t write it down so I’m becoming more faithful in that habit!! I don’t want to miss anything!!  The Law of Relaxation may be my favorite and how great that chilling the heck out is working smarter not harder!!




MKE Week 7: Mental Work

The power of mental work possibly out weighs that of physical work.  In MKE #4 ‘Work is necessary – labor, hard mental labor, the kind of effort which so few are willing to put forth.’  This immediately made me think of the labor of birth and bringing a child into the world.  The labor and reward of that hard work are so very worth it!  As is the mental labor required to produce new beliefs and set those 4 billion workers on the path to making your earnest desires manifest.  I used visualization in my last birth and without it I imagine the results would of been very different, but I harnessed the power of my mind to manage insane pain (this was not normal birth pain) and a freight train labor and delivery.  And as intense as it was it worked wonderfully and I am truly amazed at that harnessed power from within that got me through the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life even over past births.

I liken the mental diet, no opinions, emotion replacement (negative to positive) to growing pains.  They are uncomfortable and this week I think my 3rd eye, pineal/pituitary glands were tapped lol.  Had a hard time focusing on anything for long, even had a few light headaches.  These guys have been working hard and I think they needed rest while I detoxed all the negativity out.

In the word problem laid out about how we reprogram subby and then subsequently our life.

(thoughts + emotions) —> beliefs = actions + results

The true work comes at the arrow pointing to the new beliefs.  That is where harmony or discord lives.  Where our emotional blocks from life’s experiences, traumas, and influences lie.  They are the holding pattern for bad habits.  I find that trying to just override them is definitely working harder not smarter.  It takes more than a new positive emotion you MUST sever the old root of the negative emotion.  They cannot exist at the same time about a thought or memory.   I am so thankful to have the tools to be able to process stored emotions of the past to break the cycle of making bad habits and choices.  In that process it is truly the ‘work’ to your new life.  Many people run from the emotional work that I promise is the bigger key to setting your thoughts free.  I find that while processing the blocks to any given intent or goal that I will never walk away un-amazed at all the emotional connections that have nothing to do with logical connections.  That those things that fire together link together are the biggest onion I have ever seen, so many layers are blocking us from our purpose, destiny, earnest desires.  And each time a new layer is added to the onion of unprocessed emotions we are now responding to the present and the past multiplying the reactions making the emotions feel more intense than they really are in the present because it had baggage in your body.  And that baggage makes your body live in the past!  So every layer we process and release we are moving ourselves closer and closer to the present in mind and body!! How great is that?!?  Its absolutely a propelling force like releasing a rubber band.

Another thing that happens when you clear blocks is the new positive emotions you are charging your thoughts with are now supercharged to make that new belief stick and set the new pathways.  I am a huge fan of working smarter not harder and getting your thoughts and emotions right make EVERYTHING else easier!  So I’ve done the work this week, clearing any block I can find so when I am faithful to fill up with all these new concepts they go right in!  And my 3rd eye doesn’t freak out lol.

I have seen as in MKE #10 where Tesla says, ‘I am enabled to rapidly develop and perfect a conception without touching anything.’  This is truly happening for me!  The manifestations are already happening!!

MKE Week 6: 3-D for the Win

My press release has definitely stuck with me the last week.  It’s been easy to see it in my mind and I have found some fabulous pictures that capture the essence of the surrounding I placed it in!  The pic on my phone is now of beautiful tall trees with light streaming through them!! It makes me happy to see it often through the day!


I was very inspired by the vision board especially since I’d already made graphics for my press release I used those for the board.  But I really loved the 3-D representations!! I’ve got a ‘believe’ board going for those things.   I loved the idea of having tangible reminders all around! I found a very cool compass we are going to hang from the rear view mirror that says, ‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined. Thoreau’   The 3-D items have become more of a family venture as well!  We are getting a Lego set to build with our boys that is a cruise ship to represent the trip we will take.  I’ve also got the magazine I based my Press Release on up on the ‘Believe’ board to remind me success is coming!  So, for whatever reason other than I tend to be a pretty visual person I really resonated with the 3-D option!

My husband is jumping on board this MKE ride, this week.  I’m excited about this, if ever there was something I think we need to be on the same page about its this journey right now!! We already have ideas for implementing things with our kids to help them link things they are learning and to teach them the tools to learn anything and do and be anything they desire!  I am truly ecstatic that this is becoming a family adventure that will propel us forward.  I can already feel it building.

MKE Week 5: Pieces of Me

It’s been a Jewel from 1995 kind of week.  Where your past collides with the present and its messy and quite frankly shitty.  Our mind is so incredibly protective it actually keeps the body in the past.  If we do not properly process something it gets stuck in replay and causes a physical cycle in the cells and our behaviors and actions get stuck too.  Sometimes something is so traumatizing your mind literally makes you forget it.  I did some more of that emotional work I mentioned 2 weeks ago.  I was just working on a goal to be 100% invested in MKE and the blocks present ended up being 2 LOCKED memories from ages 6 & 7.  Both of which I had no conscious memory of until they were unlocked.  One I easily processed and was like well that explains A LOT!  But the second felt so surreal I didn’t know if my imagination went psycho.  I was concerned for my mental health if I made it up, but it had been so detached and locked away that it did not feel as one of my memories.  So thankful for this wonderful woman named Kat in my life and her intuition to ensure I don’t get stuck in these intense sessions of releasing the past and truly putting it where it belongs and that is, it’s over it doesn’t exist anymore and now my body knows that too!  And it did also make several things through my adult life make sense, choices and relationships and the loss of my self-love.  So, my blocks to fully invest in MKE came back to that ultimately: self-love.  So now I am seeing the other side in which I am free, and my innocence returned, and all the doors opened that should have never been opened are closed.  The body heals in layers and I find that as layers peel away new things come forward ready to be pruned and freed that I didn’t even know were there.  I am feeling lighter and lighter each session and I kinda feel like its propelling me forward the lighter I get the faster I link and wire and connect all the nuggets of truth coming from all over not even just MKE, but they all tie together and are making an incredible harmony.


MKE Week 4: The Service of Rest

Oh, the irony that I am writing about rest this week.  After coming to grips with the reality of ‘slothing’ last week it caused a war in me this week.

We had a really great event with our team on Saturday.  We ate well and had so much fun with our tribe.  My boys had so much fun helping me make all the dips and cupcakes.  My sweet precious 9yr old expressed that while it was fun his favorite part was just spending time with me.  That came as bittersweet, in was a pang in my heart at how much they’ve missed me being present, but then also such happiness that they WANT to spend to time with me and that this is happening more and more!

I am an extroverted introvert, what that means to this post is I come home from an event of any kind and NEED to hibernate and not people for at least a day or so.  It has nothing to with the event or the people there I LOVE social things, but then I must recover.  So, Saturday we came home unloaded and set up to veg out the rest of the evening which was great and what we all needed.  THEN at bedtime it started… a tickle in the throat and little cough and then the FIRE started in my throat.  Y’all I don’t get sick very often.  We are very health conscious, health is actually our business.  So, when it hits I feel like the universe and my body scheme and say let’s make this count, insert evil laugh…

I was in bed miserable most of this week, even in listening to the MKE webinar Sunday I caught half of it and had to listen again when I could think better.  Finally, around Tuesday evening I could focus and be a little productive.  I had some folks in town this week who wanted a mentoring meeting, I really don’t like telling people no.  I tried to schedule with them and had to keep bumping it, I just wasn’t getting over this coughing fit thing.  I was pretty determined to meet them Wednesday for lunch and my husband, bless him he was like you are crazy and you are staying home.   The other thing I had a really hard time with was being in my bedroom SICK and hearing my husband having to do all the house stuff: cooking, cleaning, kids, etc all on his own and that pang hit again feeling like I was ‘slothing’ when I was truly sick and needed to rest vs pushing through and probably getting them sick too.  So, the dang head games were back.

I did end up just clearing the whole rest of the week of appointments.  I was like dang it you work hard and have residual income if you need the week off to REST then you need to do it, so I did… finally.  Being aware of ‘slothing’ and procrastination and knowing in the past you checked out sometimes makes it hard to not swing totally to the opposite side which is just as bad!! We require true rest.  God thought rest was so important He gave it a whole day, chew on that one.  I’ve heard more than once that how you rest determines how you spend the rest of your time.  Do YOU rest well???

While I was sick this week it was on my mind often that even though I truly didn’t feel well and the fire in my throat was intense that I could still control my emotions.  I tried to be in the best mood possible and be as proactive as possible in doing the things I knew I needed to do to get well.  So, I obviously had a lot more time to think and do lots of ‘sits’ LOL I wasn’t going anywhere so why not. I will say I wasn’t reading much this week and found I was missing ‘The Greatest Salesman of the World.’  In my sits and resting I pondered my purposes I’d chosen and really focused on what each one meant and visualizing the new life coming from them and what it would be like.  Now I think each topic needs its own whole DMP!! LOL The expanded version of each!

So be kind to yourself, many of you expressed in the comments last week that sloth was what you also deal with.  Define what true rest is for yourself and be sure you allow that time to recharge it is NOT ‘slothing’ to give that to yourself.  And on that note since I couldn’t move much my service for the week was to allow myself to rest.  I have nothing to give if I’m not serving myself first.

MKE Week 3: Sacrifice of the Sloth

What’s in the way of the life you desire???

Are you willing to release it, allowing room for the work and growth and paradigm shifts required for something better… for the sweet life, the dream life, the life of purpose your inner self longs for??? Well, are you???

Taking a hard look at yourself is always fun!  Admitting you’re a sloth yeah that’s fun too.

It was suggested that usually the things in your way boil down to one of the ‘7 Deadly Sins.’  So, I considered them, having never really heard of them.  They are in no order of priority: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride.  Now swallow that reality.  Kinda tastes nasty, huh?  So, after pondering what was in my way I decided I’ve been a sloth.  Time management has been my arch nemesis for quite a while.  I remember procrastinating in FIRST GRADE!! For realz you guys, come on! WHY for the love of all that is good in life did I, as a first grader, procrastinate?

Sloth: reluctance to work or make an effort; laziness

The irony, ‘they’ say procrastinators work well under pressure.  I can attest to that, I can bust things out in the last moments that are incredible.  Seriously, I am blown away at what I can produce in an insane small amount of time.  I convinced myself that was how I worked best.  But now I say is it my best, truly?  What is the cost of living like that, it’s like living crisis to crisis.  That is incredibly stressful for sure!  I’ve really noticed the cost now that I have a family.  It doesn’t just stress me out, but the rest of my people too!  Always rushing out the door, never quite being on time ANYWHERE, attitudes flaring, saying things to my kids and hubby that truly wouldn’t happen with some prep and planning on my part.  I think there are many types of ‘slothing’ this example is one that’s been with me for a really long time.  Emotionally, procrastination tends to have a root of fear.  I can say lots of things in my childhood instilled fear in me and the consequences shaped my actions, habits, and perception in many areas of my life.  In the instance of procrastination, the effort always comes in the end when forced so it’s not complete laziness, but the process could be seen as such; though I would say I felt paralyzed.  I have NEVER desired to not do something or accomplish the task at hand I just couldn’t force myself to take action.

The last four years or so I would say ‘slothing’ morphed into an additional new situation.  I wouldn’t say depression is the right word, but Meh is.  I just didn’t have the will to do something except when forced by schedule to do so.  I would be totally fine busting out an event or a training and as soon as it was done I was back to Meh.  That has taken quite a toll on my people as well.  My husband got used to a ‘new normal’ of me not being fully present, hiding out in our bedroom, and the head game justified my actions.  So many reasons of why it was ok: headaches, tired, ‘working’ via my phone and so on.  This too was a situation I couldn’t just pull myself out of, it was paralyzing totally and completely.  Saying a sloth is lazy isn’t always accurate; it can be, but for me it was a deep emotional head game.

It wasn’t until I found emotional freedom from many things that my actions started to change, clearing the way for new pathways.  We experienced the loss of a child this summer.  As we went through the process of grieving and trying to move on I got so dang mad that my emotional state actually wasn’t new to me, but I went right back to Meh.  And at this point it just pissed me off.  I help people daily, why can’t I help myself… As we ‘cycled’ back through some grief in August we knew it was a pivotal point… We can truly find healing and move forward or get forever stuck in hell.  At this time some key people came into my life and with them an emotional tool.  It unlocked the past and ability to let it go in a way I had not experienced before.  Not only was I able to fully process our sweet baby’s stillbirth, but so many traumas from childhood and even adulthood that had perpetually held me in a prison of Meh.

Sacrifice: destruction or surrender of something precious for the sake of something else

The sacrifice of my ‘slothing’ was my life, my family, my health.  Slothing, is now my sacrifice.  Old habits die hard.  I still have habits to change and I am laying them down as they are brought to my attention.  These things are not welcome in my life any longer.  This really isn’t a sacrifice at all since I am gaining my life back and time with my family and being present for them and myself.

Diligence: careful and persistent work or effort

Diligence is the way out of slothing, and yes, I made that word up.  Putting in the work to continuously change my thoughts, beliefs, and emotions so that the actions and results are what I desire.  Even in emotional freedom it wasn’t a magical easy button.  There is still work to do and lots and lots of pathways to correct and change and new ones to plow.  But now I would say my best is in planning and executing those plans well BEFORE the deadline approaches.  I’m not perfect, but its improving and continuing to morph to a new calmer way of life.  And I might be becoming addicted to the systems we are putting in place.  So a sloth no more one choice at a time.

MKE Week 2: The Power of Imagery

I just thought week one was hard…

This week I got behind and struggled all week to catch up right down to the wire of deadlines.  I, in the past have been a procrastinator.  Old habits die hard Y’all!! They are no joke the lazy pathways they have etched in our brain and then we hit repeat often without ever questioning why, it’s just what we do.  Quite frankly its insanity.  We want things to change, but don’t do anything to change it.  We expect a magical change out of the same formula.

I’m reading ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ right now and ‘living’ with different parts of the book for 30 days at a time.  I am focused on ‘Scroll I’ presently.  I’ve been reading it daily for almost 2 weeks now and an incredible thing happened TODAY! The power of imagery and connecting right brain to left brain for a full experience of the material.  In my time of guiding others through some emotional releasing and processing the last few weeks we have seen that if they will draw their new beliefs, creative ideas, positive affirmations, etc adding color to the drawings it makes the new pathways more easily solidified in the right brain before going to the left brain the belief is charged with emotion from their own mind’s eye being illustrated and therefore aids in assisting the new beliefs to take hold and the subconscious to shift and put into action the 4 billion workers to make every cell in the body align with the new thoughts and beliefs and changes just start happening… So, I decided I wanted to process ‘Scroll 1’ in this way.  So, I did two things: I went through it line by line and pulled all the affirmations of truth to be focusing on daily and then I researched all the imagery mentioned.  I’m a Pinterest girl and started a board for the items of imagery expressed: The Garden of Hesperides, golden apples, 100-year-old olive trees, mature grape vines, and new skin.  I was so frustrated on the skin as I wanted a depiction of healthy glowing skin, healthy from the inside out because the old skin became dust and blew away.  The images were only of ‘makeup’ techniques to look natural, WHAT?!? How about we let our true self and beauty come through without the ‘aid’ of chemically toxic products and beliefs taught to us by marketing and media!! I was quite charged that I could find very few pictures in which a woman was truly not wearing makeup and looked wonderfully happy and glowing!! If they didn’t have makeup on they showed them looking depressed and sickly, pure lies ladies! This would be the perfect description of the negative ability of imagery on the right brain and the messages it sends to the left brain charged with negative feelings of self-hate, self-judging, not being good enough, feeling like one must hide for the sake of show, those are called cement around your true self.

The point is, if you want a change, choose an intent or affirmation and draw the new you or the new situation whatever it is draw it and it isn’t about being an artist it’s about engaging your right brain to add emotion to that new belief you want before you send it over to your left brain to analyze.  I don’t consider myself an artist in the definition of someone who can just sit down and draw anything like my amazing hubby can, who by the way put in the work and hours to be amazing at it.  But I can color all day long and as I told myself I wasn’t an artist when I decided I wanted to illustrate the scroll I was immediately reminded that I used to draw as a kid and LOVED art class in elementary school.   Anything practiced becomes easy and then pleasurable and then desire to do it frequently happens.  I believed a lie that I wasn’t an artist in the form of drawing.  I refuse to accept that and will share my drawing when I finish it.

Because, I am an artist.