MAKE: Week 16 & 17

I strongly dislike that I’ve not been able to blog the last few weeks consistently.  It’s truly one of my favorite parts of the MKE course.. but life right. I AM teaching 2 huge events and 1/2 way through the 2nd one right now.  I have shared already in both events the concept of the card flashing and man it’s effective.  I have been using the cards A LOT.   Also, a fav of the course.  So while I dislike that this is just a hey I’m still here post… I AM STILL HERE and it’s all clicking, wiring, and linking! I look forward to a slower February to finish strong!  We live in a benevolent universe and I’ve been so grateful to trust it and allow it to serve me well the last week!


Week 14 & 15: 2018 the year of Conquering Fears

What if fear isn’t real… What if its imagined or that we’ve taken on someone else’s fear and allowed that to shape our lives….What if its just a habit and based on what we’ve always done? What if we’ve turned our backs on ourselves for so long that we do what we’ve always done, just because its familiar.

Everyone is choosing words for the next year to inspire them or push them to expand in some way.  My 2018 inspiration is Self-Love leading me closer and closer to my True Spirit.  And in that Adventure is probably my actual word.  In my DMP under True Health I put that I wanted to hike ALL the National parks because I am SAFE and confident.  I’ve always sided with caution and believed what others spoke over me as a kid, that I was clumsy, uncoordinated, and those that should of been instilling self confidence in me told me it was ok to not be ‘out doorsy’ or athletic and the list goes on.  I believed what the people I trusted said and took it to heart.  And you know what happened I accepted that those things were just not me.  When really that’s BS, because I’ve always wanted those things: to enjoy being outside, to feel capable to experience anything I want.  The greatness in the world is calling to me even louder now that I am peeling those layers to True Self.  So my adventure to get in touch with nature and see those things only those willing to work for get to see starts in 2018!! Its time to stop being a worrier and start being a warrior! This really comes into focus with pursuing love and joy too, I was stifling opportunities to experience both!


Think about it nature doesn’t fear life or wonder what its supposed to do.  Its instinctually in-tune at all times.  Nature is like a 24/7 sit.  So I plan to tap into nature not just as a grounding calming resource, but confidence, adventure and fun!! In today’s webby Mark mentioned ‘starving the defects to death’ I really feel the more I do this and tap into what nature offers that my weeds, defects, old blue print will indeed starve to death at an accelerated rate!

Happy New Year!

MKE: Week 13: Architect of Greatness

To say that thinking is a spiritual process brings to light a whole new perspective to most people.  I would say many would even scoff at such an idea, its such a physical only lens that takes thought for granted.  It happens automatically everyday for each of us… until it doesn’t.  We don’t question IF we will be able to think clearly tomorrow we assume we just will.  After my last pregnancy I experienced extreme brain fog.  My recovery was not ‘normal’ as many things that would of been a part of a normal recovery went unexperienced since our sweet baby was with Father God before we even held him for the first time.  So my physical world was also rocked right along with the emotional and spiritual.  I had to really focus on right vs left, I couldn’t recall names of people I see on a weekly basis, it was right there below the surface, but I was unable to pull it forward into an actual thought, so many words were just gone.  It was a small taste of what I assume the elderly often start experiencing as their new normal as the light goes out and the present is no more for them.  I’ve watched family and friends go through these times and to see a seemingly healthy body with a lost mind is truly devastating.  So yes I think we take thought and thinking for granted and in that rarely do we tap into the vast greatness of our dreams and possibilities.

25829897_10212997583232274_1904612531_o Learning that we do control our outcomes can be a heavy thing to wrap our conscious mind around… poor guy doesn’t have all the workers like the subconscious.  We must come to the realization that yes WE are responsible for our past, present and future. (No Christmas Carol pun intended lol)  Now I know there are layers to that, but if we are honest and like truly attracts like we can probably go back and see why we attracted each and every incident positive or negative in our lives.  This isn’t about blame either its about acceptance and acknowledgement AND seeing the power of it all. And sometimes the universal forces and vibrations around us over power us.  It isn’t about deserving what you get or that an ‘innocent’ person who was harmed had it coming.  Its simply that the forces around them were greater than they alone could with stand on their own and they became apart of that environment without the knowledge or maturity or hope to change it.  Its a place few are willing to go, a gut wrenching honesty and humility are required.  But it isn’t without hope that we are willing to go there and be sobered, we know ‘Yes I was apart of that, but NOW I am apart of this…. I am a dreamer who is free to create my own future and set the captive of gold within free.’


So as we chip away at an intentional life of greatness designing it perfectly in our dreams we are PREVENTING those horrible things that could of happened to ourselves, our family, friends, our community.  That’s truly how big this is… an incredible opportunity to rise up together and collectively breed higher vibrations sending our frequencies into the universe to alter it permanently for the better.

MKE: Week 12: Collective Intent

I had the privilege to participate in a group masterminding session today.  We are heading up an event together and we met to set our intents for it and what our goals are.  Once we set those we then went through a group ‘clearing’ that is we cleared the emotional blocks so that these intentions could be solid ‘new beliefs.’  I was feeling overwhelmed as the leader of the event and the mentor to these ladies, but when we met and all four of us had the same intent and we all ended with those blocks out of the way I was blown away at the community I felt.  That I wasn’t ALONE! That collectively we all want the SAME THING and we will succeed and bless a whole lot of people in our bigger community! I mean I can’t even explain the power in the unity of a group of people in harmony! Living their purposes and coming together to accomplish and align in a common heart calling.  I’ve been brought to raw emotions many times in this journey, but today it wasn’t regret or overwhelm it was JOY!  Even just recapping this I’m teary all over again.  I can’t recall many times I had tears from joy, maybe from laughing hard, but not just overflowing joy.

Can you imagine how strong our heart field is as a group in harmony?? How much greater our field of impact and influence around us? I’m a bit in awe just pondering that.  Unity keeps that compass front and center.  My balancing frequency was tied to this phrase today…

I have free will and perfect timing with a clear channel!!!

Collective intent provides an extremely clear channel! Pure power and its just beautiful! I saw myself floating down the water channels in Hawaii, nothing in my way and having fun as I hit one of those natural water slides!

The other balancing frequency was..

I am peacefully confident and still because my heart is strong.

In my sits I’ve gotten a very clear visualization of my future self leading from this place of being calm, grounded, focused, and at peace.  I see my heart literally grow and put that energy shield around me that carries me forward, but also protects me and the arrows just bounce off and hit the ground.  And I’ve gotten to the place of saying are you done yet and just looking at whoever is sending the arrows unaffected.  This time of Peace, be still is the place I am striving to live my life from. A place of knowing, peace that can’t be rocked even amidst the hardest things we encounter.  I’ve felt that supernatural peace that you can’t explain a few times in the last couple of years and now knowing I can always live from there empowers the free will to go after what I want and the things that no natural mind would say was possible, but they are already mine.

25474316_10212945828898448_959089675_o (1)

MKE: Week 11: Manifesting Christmas

Old blueprint has been LOUD this week, she is not wanting to die quietly.  Still very much linking things, but habits are slacking a little right now.  The main profound thing that I saw this week was my husband’s linking Christmas to manifesting an earnest desire.  I thought woah that is stinking genius.

Watch this…

  1. earnest desire: ‘hey kids make a wish list for santa’
  2. 3-D rep of the DAY: tree with decor for a whole month or more that you see every day, lights on the house, specific colors representing the holiday overall, TV commercials reminding what it is we earnestly desire
  3. positive actions to acquire what we want aka mental detox (parent bribery): ‘santa is watching to see if you go on the naughty or nice list’
  4. pretty much 75% of America says we are broke yet they find ways to make Christmas happen because it is that important to them they manifest those 4 billion workers and figure it out
  5. day of holiday: manifestation of a deadline of said earnest desires!!!
  6. celebration of deadline met with food and endorphins!!!

I think Christmas just became the ultimate yearly DMP metaphor!!!

Pretty powerful when you consider people do this EVERY YEAR!!! So remember that zeal of being childlike and knowing santa would deliver, you are your own santa now and with the same effort can have those earnest desires by the deadline.

I missed a DMP deadline Dec 1st, not the one I mentioned last week that one is still coming!! But I absolutely knew I did not put in the mental work this missed deadline needed to manifest.  So I changed the date and move forward knowing I am MY santa clause and I’m going to put my 4 billion elves to work!!


MKE: Week 10: A Way of Life

In the ebb and flow of the last few weeks I find myself sharing about the things we are doing and learning in MKE with others.  Its become a natural part of our new normal where we can’t help ourselves we have to share it because we are excited.  Its also really great to be saying ‘we’ on this journey I’m so thankful my husband is on board and we are creating our best life together!

I am very close to fulfilling my first DMP goal and a strong chance it’ll be early.  So, that realization kicked in a whole new level of ‘THIS IS REALLY WORKING.’  I can’t wait to share that it is complete!! I also found myself saying, ‘its working with the amount of effort I’ve put in what would of happened if I’d given more earlier in the process?’  I’m not taking away from the joy, but just really moving into a lifestyle approach and seeing that I can obtain my Definite Major Purposes in life is generating more momentum and belief, and ENTHUSIASM!!

I’ve also found myself wanting to add DMP items (I want ALL the things LOL) and have started working through those as they come up and see where they fit in the time line and grand scheme of things.  I feel like they are part of those 4 billion workers giving me new creative ideas and visions.

Something else I linked this week is the heart shield.  I am a ‘human’ nerd, meaning I love all things about the body, how it works, the multiple layers, the vast wholeness it requires to be at optimal true health.  I was reminded of the chakras this week and how powerful the heart center is.  Chakras are actual nerve bundles down the center of the body that act like computers and process different information physically and emotionally and especially energetically.  The heart field is incredibly powerful.  The heart can produce an electrical field that is a 100,000 times greater than the brain and a magnetic field of 5000 times greater.


So it emits the strongest electromagnetic field in our body.  It makes total sense when you look at the shape of the field as it envelopes the whole body extending out in all directions and up to several feet outside of the body; that it is complete protection through love.  Research also shows what the heart believes every cell in the body fights to make it happen.  What is your body telling you about your heart’s beliefs? We charge our new thoughts with positive emotion to not only send a clear picture to subconscious, but to supercharge the heart.  Life and death come from what the heart believes and what it sends to the brain.  Thoughts are only part of the equation.

‘So just as love is my weapon to open the hearts of men, love is also my shield to repulse the arrows of hate and the spears of anger.’

Our shield is powerful if fueled by love…


MKE Week 9: Love is Patient, Love is Kind

It is said the number 9 is the number of patience and the perfect movement of God, but also possibly finality and judgement of a person and his works.  I think these things encompass this week for me.  Will I grant myself patience for the progress I have not made yet, will I be kind to myself for the many failures of lack to follow through and negative words, opinions and so on?? Will I choose to love myself and therefore be the best gatekeeper I can possibly be for my life, my thoughts, my body, my heart… Will I do these things out of loving myself?

This week there’s been a little sadness in my heart a little tug every time I ask myself when certain things are going to click and change.  Pertinent things that affect me getting the most out of MKMMA.  Its interesting how we take 10 steps forward and 5 backwards.  I want to forget the past and the path, yet the process keeps reminding me you’re not quite over your old habits.  They are waving their flags saying remember me, don’t you want to escape.

Then I meet with beautiful people from my DMP that I have the honor to help on their journey to wellness, wholeness, their own purpose and healing.  And I’m reminded of the flow that happens when I’m being true to my PPNs and that the fulfillment I get in doing that is momentum and never ever wasted precious time I get the privilege of having with them and loving them where they are.  So why is that so hard to extend to myself?

I hear the words come to mind from the scrolls and the lessons, they are becoming second nature to recognize, and now I wonder if maybe there is a grieving to releasing our old habits, the old way of life even though it was not our best or the best for us we still must transition and truly let it go and fill back up with better habits and choices and love.

So, I allow myself to feel the melancholy it is better than the meh of the old blueprint and not feeling.  I will greet it with love and see it for what it is… a feeling, one that I have control over.